Monday, November 18, 2013

ORA-00904: "ORA_ROWSCN": invalid identifier

Sometimes when you look the database tables in SQL Developer or in Jdeveloper Database Navigator you are facing the following issue:
ORA-00904: "ORA_ROWSCN": invalid identifier
and you are not able to see the data in the table.

In that case you can do following step
Go to  preference -> database -> object viewer and uncheck the check-box  "Use ORA_ROWSCN for DataEditor insert and update statements." and then data is visible.


  1. its not working with any join with any other table..


    SELECT "Rental".* ,ora_rowscn as timestamp FROM "Rental"
    inner join "UserBranch" on "UserBranch"."fkBranchId" = "Rental"."fkBranchId"
    WHERE "Rental"."IsDeleted"='N' ;

    not working in above query..

    select "Rental".*,ora_rowscn as timestamp from "Rental"

    working in above query