Friday, December 6, 2013

UCM Clustering Error on Windows intradoc.common.ServiceException: !syFileUtilsUnableToCreateSpecifiedDir

When you are Installing Webcenter Content on a cluster, one of the thing which is unique from other middleware installation is requirement of shared filed system. So when you configure webcenter content after installing and creating of domain, then you have to provide path of following shared directories:
  • Content Server Instance Folder
  • Native File Repository Location
  • Weblayout Folder 
  • User Profile Folder ( or later)
Now when you specified path of all the shared directories, while starting the second UCM Managed server you are facing the following issue:

intradoc.common.ServiceException: !syFileUtilsUnableToCreateSpecifiedDir
Unable to write intradoc.cfg

Error Symptoms
In my case this error comes due to incorrect path syntax I have specified for the shared directory.

For example:
I have shared directory on server
the folder structure is H:\ucmshare\domain\ucm_domain\ucm_cluster\
and i am specifying the directory path like this \\\ucmshare\domain\ucm_domain\ucm_cluster\ and I am getting the above error.


I solved the above problem by specifying the following shared directory path:


Please remember
  • Here ucmshare is a shared folder on server
  • Use of forward slash for specifying the directory, but to locate the server use backslash as used above.

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