Monday, April 28, 2014

Lets do Fitnium together!

In my last post on fitnium , I have described all the basic needs which one need to know when he/she is starting or even thinking to work on fitnium.
Those are some very basic concepts which user should know before getting into the technicalities of the tool.
So as of now , we know why and when to use fitnium and along with this the base tools which fitnium uses in the backend while executing the test cases.
Lets start with how we can start working with this weapon of testing.
Fitnium is a free tool and can be downloaded from the fitnium website (Source ).
It is a simple , very easy-to-use tool on which you can start writing test cases if you have some basic knowledge of any one the popular programming languages like Java, Ruby , etc.
It requires a sinlge click download to start working on fitnium , you can download the jar from
. Once its downloaded at your local all you need to do is to extract this rar file into a folder.
You will get a structure like this :

Here you can get 2 executables , one is fitnium librarry having all libraries fitnium requires to run test suites and cases. The other jar is the one which will be of more importance , all we need is to execute this jar. Like this:
java -jar fitnesse.jar
It will give some obvious problems like :

As generally in local systems everything by default works on 8080 port , so no two person can sit on one seat . Hence system will complain and ask for some new port, You can simply change the port to some other port by using -p command :

Once this is done , you can see awesome UI on your local system and can explore new things . UI will looks like this :

Will continue how we can write our test scripts in next blog, till then stay tuned :)


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