Saturday, April 5, 2014

Oracle SOA : How to deploy multiple composite in oracle soa

Yesterday I just completed the SOA development and next thing I have to move all the deployed composite on to the UAT enviornment and then production. But I think it is very cumbersome to deploy each composite one by one on to the soa server, so to overcome this problem I am using the different SOA bundles, each soa bundle consist of multiple composite of particular partition.

Steps to create SOA Bundle
  1. In the jdeveloper create a New Deployment Profile.
  2. Select Soa Bundle from the list.
  3. Name the soa bundle, "MongodbRestBundle" in this case.
  4. Click Ok. Choose dependencies on this bundle, so check all those composites that you want to deploy in single partition.
  5. Click Ok and finish the wizard. SOA bundle is configured now.

How to deploy SOA bundle on SOA server

  1. Just click on the deployment profile that you have created in above steps.
  2. select "Deploy to Application Server" and click next.
  3. Attached the config plans, select appropriate plans like UAT plan in this case similarly select for other composite by navigating through the tabs.And click next
  4. Select application server connection and click next.
  5. Select the soa server and partition in which you want to deploy the bundle.
  6. Click next and finish the wizard.
Note: you can also deploy the soa bundle by creating the SAR file and deploy on to the soa server using em console. Use this guide for further information on deployment :

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