Thursday, August 21, 2014

Oracle Webcenter Content: Adding column at folder level in UCM

I was working on one of the requirement asked by client that they need Content ID column at folder level i.e when user move to one folder then Content ID of the content present in that folder should be visible.

What is happening :  see the below figure in which there is no column for Content ID.

What is required :  In the below figure Content ID column is added


Well this is not the out of box feature in oracle webcenter content, you have to think to find the source code and edit the source code  manually to achieve this funcationality.
  1. I have found the page i.e. folders_list_resource.htm which contains source code of folder content view shown above (using the debug view in oracle webcenter content).
  2. This file you will find in the folder %MW_HOME%/Oracle_ECM1/ucm/idc/components/Folders_g/resources
  3. In the source code go to line number 75 (in my case) you will find a code some thing like this <$rsMakeFromString("ListFields","dBindingName,dFileSize,dInDate,dDocAuthor","name")$>
  4. In this line add "dDocName"  i.e. <$rsMakeFromString("ListFields","dDocName,dBindingName,dFileSize,dInDate,dDocAuthor","name")$>
  5. Save the file and put back into folder (path specified in Step2).
  6. Refresh the page.

Note: I have done this customization in Oracle UCM, If there is something different in other version please share.

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  1. You should never edit the source files directly. Instead, you should create a custom component which overrides those files (in this case dynamichtml includes).