Saturday, August 23, 2014

Weblogic: Not able to start weblogic server with Ldap configuration

I was working with Microsoft AD Ldap and weblogic, after configuring the ad ldap in weblogic I have re-ordered the authenticator and after that while restarting the weblogic server I am getting the following error: JPS-00056: Failed to create identity store service instance idstore.ldap.provider:idstore.ldap. Reason: JPS-00027: internal error You configured a generic WLS LDAPAuthenticator. The identity store type cannot be determined. Please choose an LDAP Authentication provider that matches your LDAP server.

This error is coming because when you configured the AD Ldap and save the file then by default generic ldap authenticator is set in the configuration file.

To solve this issue follow the steps

  1. Go to the config folder in domain directory i.e. Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domain/domain_name/config/ and open config.xml.
  2. Now under security configuration you can see the generic ldap is configured.
  3. Now manually change authenication-provider type to "wls:active-directory-authenticatorType".
  4. Save the file and restart the server.

Note: Fore more information refer the oracle support document Doc ID 1331981.1

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