Sunday, October 26, 2014

Oracle SOA 12c: How to create Standalone Bpel Subprocess

As from my previous blog post on Getting started with resuable bpel subprocesses, you get some basic idea of resuable subprocesses in Oracle SOA 12c. Here in this blog post I am going to show you how to create a standalone bpel subprocess in your soa composite application.


I am creating a Error handler service in which there two subprocess 
  • AlerNotificationProcess: In this process email notification is send to the user using the notificaiton service.
  • LogsProcess: In this process logs is written in the external file system using the file adapter
  • Error Process: This is a parent process which is calling both the above process. 
  • Finally this process is exposing the soap webservice which is called by external client.
Note: In similar way you can create more bpel process and you can use the subprocess in each of your bpel process if required.

Create standalone bpel process
  1. Create a soa project in soa application i.e. CommonComponents and in that create a bpel 2.0 process i.e. "ErrorProcess".
  2. Now drag n drop the subprocess from the components tab and create two sub processes i.e. "AlertNotificationProcess" and "LogsProcess". 
  3. Now implement the logic one by one in subprocess,
  4. In the AlertNotificaitonProcess, just drag and drop the email notification activity and configure it. 
  5. Similary in the LogsProcess, Just drag and drop the file adapter and configure it.
  6. Now in the parent process just drag and drop these subprocesses to call  where ever required.
  7. Map the parameters.
  8. Save, deploy and test the project.

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