Sunday, November 30, 2014

Oracle BPM 12c: Exception thrown while creating a Business Object (BO) based on external XSD

I was working on  the oracle bpm and creating a bpmn process. while creating a Business Object I am getting an error and is something related to “unable to parse the external xsd”.
Well after that I continues to a bpmn process and create a data object, but in the data association mapping I can’t see all the elements under the root element which in the xsd. As you can see in the figure below:

No elements visible under CustomerBO and requestBMHeader.

This is a known issue in Oracle bpm 12c, you can check here : 
In this page search for : Exception thrown while creating a Business Object (BO) based on XSD


Well you can bypass this problem by manually mapping or assigning the value into your BPMN process i.e. Process.bpmn in this example.
You can use the transformation to map the elements.

I think mapping elements using transformation is simple way to do that and I have done using the same and it worked successfully.

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