Sunday, August 7, 2016

Oracle webcenter portal 12c: failure to authenticate the user weblogic

I was working on webcenter portal 12.2.1 and trying to enable the discussion and forum for the portal. After Installing and configuring the discussion server when I try to connect from the portal I was getting below error:

failure to authenticate the user weblogic, due to: Unexpected error occurred, due to : Client received SOAP Fault from server : SOAP must understand error. MustUnderstand headers:["{}Security"] are not understood.


This error comes because internally webcenter portal uses saml token to authenticate the services provided by the discussion server. And webservice security is not configured as part of post installation task.


You need to configure the saml message protection policy in webcenter as shown below:

  • Go to EM console => from left navigation, select discussions

  • Now select owc_discussions => click on OWCDiscussionsServiceAuthenticated

  • On this service attach this policy i.e. oracle/wss11_saml_token_with_message_protection_service_policy

  • Now go back to owc_discussions again and select OWCDiscussionsServicePublic and attach the policy oracle/wss11_message_protection_service_policy

  • Now go to the service configuration to edit the values of discussion server connection as below:

  • Edit discussion connection and select message protection policy as shown below

  • Orakey is an alias from the certificate you generated in keystore see next section below

Generate certificate in keystore

  • Go to EM console => select keystore as shown below:

  • Create a stripe name OWSM and create a keystore with a name keystore as shown below:

  • select keystore and click on manage and generate new keypair and give the alias name as orakey.

  • Restart all the servers and its done.

Oracle SOA 12c: Error while deploying soa composite using maven : error: javax/el/ELContext

Today I was working on the Build automation for Oracle SOA 12c and configure the maven and Hudson tool for Continuous Integration. After configuring the maven on my local machine , I tried to compile the soa project but I was getting the following error:

"you may getting el context error while building soa project"
i.e. java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/el/ELContext


This problem can be solved by adding EL context dependency in maven plugin

Go to oracle maven home repository folder i.e.


open the oracle-soa-plugin-12.2.1-0-0.pom in any editor and add the following dependency


save the file and try to compile the soa project again.