Sunday, October 16, 2016

Oracle API Gateway: Docker image for OAG

I was working on the Docker which is used to create virtual machines based on container. As per docker documentation Docker is still maturing for the production type environment but it can be used for development and other non-prod environments.

you can get the docker file from github location :

Build Docker Image

docker build -t oracle/oag: -f ./DockerFile .

Run OAG Docker Image

--run docker image
docker run -d -p 9090:8090 --user=oracle -e "DISPLAY=localhost:0.0" --name=OAG --shm-size=2g -t oracle/oag:

--run oag nodemanager in docker container
docker exec -it OAG /u01/oracle/product/OAG- &

--run oag instance in docker container
docker exec -it OAG /u01/oracle/product/OAG- -n "Gateway1" -g "Group1" &

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