Saturday, December 3, 2016

Oracle API Gateway: Failed to connect admin node manager in policy studio

I was trying to connect to admin server but getting invalid credential every time.


I tried by resetting the admin password to "changeme" and then after connecting admin node manager again change your password.

  • Stop all the servers.
  • Go to OAG/apigateway/conf/ directory and open adminUsers.json.
  • look for following in file
       "adminUserCredentials" : {
                 "user-1" : {
                    "passwordHistory" : [                           "$/8Ior+VsgFNBS2TUQNEljw==$RUAJebwyScFlFDowiIb1UaD1mjCADwb8W5OuEnEPAF0=" ],
                              "passwordTimestamp" : 1480673759834

  • change the passwordHistory value to $YnvZfrp5j1q3xJPhPuUL5w==$DcnmqeXQO8T/TmRa2kPyYSJbf8DD/JUg3v3i6xF0HQk (this is a encrypted password i.e. changeme)
  • now restart the server
  • try to connect admin node manager in policy studio.

  • Oracle support document - Doc ID 2056193.1