Friday, April 18, 2014

Fitnium - What a Wonder!

Den her Romeo bløder
Men du kan ikke se hans blod
Det her er kun følelser
Som denne gamle hund gravede op

Ce Roméo saigne
Mais on ne peut voir son sang
Ce ne sont rien d'autre que quelques sentiments
Que ce vieux chien a réveillé

Bu Romeo kanıyor
Ama kanını göremezsiniz
Bazı duygulardan fazlası değildir
Bu yaşlı köpeğin tekmelediği

Nice song , yeah !!!

Which one of the above translation you find easy to understand. And how you can actually make this understand to all other unheralded persons who does not know ‘Always’ song or Bon Jovi for that matter.
The answer is you will translate the same in to a common language which everyone can understand like ‘English’ in a similar manner like this :

This Romeo is bleeding
But you can't see his blood
It's nothing but some feelings
That this old dog kicked up

I am going to talk about a tool which does the same but other way around, in this post.
Fitnium is combination of FitNesse and Selenium, providing a domain specific language that allows non-developers to write selenium tests in plain english that are executed through the Fitnesse framework.

This tool basically focused and covers integration and acceptance testing along with the web browser testing .It is a fusion of tool one which has capability to automate browser and other which can perform acceptance testing.
Selenium comes in 3 various forms: Selenium IDE which comes as an add on to browser FF only.
Selenium RC - in which you can write your code in programming languages like java and by just starting server on your local you can imitate user actions.

Selenium Grid : It gives the capabilities to user to perform different test steps parallely in multiple browsers and machines.

Selenium Webdriver which is the latest version of selenium and on top of selenium RC it doesn't require any browser start up. And you can start making your test suite in framework like Page object model , other approaches to make framework depends on how you want to fetch data either from keywords directly or data -driven or hybrid which would be the mixture of both.

Other tool which fitnium has is fitnesse which works on the principle of wiki.Fitnesse is an Acceptance Testing Framework, designed to be implemented ideally at start of a project, when user stories and scenarios are being defined.  Fitnesse works on the principle of Test Driven Development(TDD) where tests are written before the actual code. This can further be used as a reference of Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD).
It uses combinations of fit and slim. All the commands work on these principles.
Both selenium and fitnesse are easy to install on local . It just needs a jar which get downloaded on local and will drive the further set up automatically.
Fitnium thus combines both the features which selenium and fitnesse provides henceforth user can actually perform UAT and Web automation on setting up fitnium. Fitnium follows the principle of BDD for writing test cases which are in simple english format.
Fitnesse concentrate on the correct actions of Business Logic. Fitnesse does this without the need for a GUI, but it emphasis is much spread out than a single building block of effort.

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