Friday, April 11, 2014

JTA transaction is not in active state: The transaction status is "MARKED_ROLLBACK".

This issue generally comes due to low value (default value i.e. 30) set for JTA transaction timeout. To solve the above problem try the following things.

Setting syncMaxWaitTime: 

1.     Login into em console i.e http://<IP>:<PORT>/em
2.     Expand SOA and right click on "soa-infra" and select SOA Administration -> BPEL Properties
3.     Click on "More BPEL configuration Properties..." link
4.     Locate syncMaxWaitTime and increase the time value.

Setting the global transaction timeout at weblogic domain

1.     Log into Oracle WebLogic Administration Console.
2.     Click Services -> JTA.   
3.     Change the value of Timeout Seconds (the default is 30).
4.      Click Save.
5.      Restart Oracle WebLogic Server.

Note: For more information please follow the document Doc ID 1524757.1  and Doc ID 880313.1 on oracle support.

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